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Today we looked at the parable of the prodigal, and considered the great love the father had for his son, giving him freedom and then waiting with expectant hope for his son’s return.  And when his son did return he ran to meet him and threw his arms around him.  Love compelled forgiveness, even before repentance was offered.

I remember from the classes that Lloyd Gaston taught on the parables that the point of the parable was the thing that made you say, “What” or the thing that upset your balance and understanding.

So today I taught people that love and forgiveness belong together, even more so than repentance and forgiveness.  

If you love someone….forgive.  If they repent later and learn from the mistakes they made well and good, but for the sake of the Kingdom and for your own sake forgive.

That’s what God does.  Let us never forget that when we were yet sinners he sent Jesus to die for us so that we could be assured grace, forgiveness and eternal life.  Love and forgiveness go hand in hand.

Let us pray:

Love and forgiveness

Lord of the ages, God of all eternity
Only you could bring a love so large to the world, a love that made redemption possible
Victory belongs to love and Completion belongs to forgiveness
Eternity seemingly cannot contain the depth and breadth of your love

Alone I walked, alone and lonely
Needing you, and not knowing how to find you
Depending on my own way, woudl never bring me into your love

Fortunately, amazingly, unexpectedly your love found a way
Orphaned by sin your people floundered
Redeemed by grace your people shared the victory of Christ
Generosity marks your character
Inviting us to come in and taste your mercy
Victory was yours, and yet you have given it to us
Enilightening the eyes of our hearts
Nudging us into the joy you have prepared
Eternity is ours
Sweet love is ours forever
Salvation is sweet, and so undeserved.  Thank you God.  Thank you.