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Today is Palm Sunday, and we have sung our welcome to the King.  Whereas the English translation of Hosanna means an outpouring of praise, what it actually means in Hebrew is “save us” or “rescue us”.

And that is exactly what Jesus did.  He saved us from our sins.  He rescued us from death.  So let us sing his praise….Hosanna to the King of Kings.



Hosanna, blessed one of God, Come O offspring of David, come and rescue us we pray
Open our minds to hear your word, open our mouths to sing your praise, open our hearts to know your love
Save us from our sins and turn our hearts towards you in love and joyous obedience
Announce among us the coming of your kingdom
Number us among your chosen people
Name us as your followers and call us forth to show others the way
Appoint us as your cross bearers and we will walk with you all the way.