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Jeff Lackie writes in Union Presbyterian Church,  http://unionpresbychurch.wordpress.com about the time when Jesus encounters the widow of Nain… and actually cares enough about her situation to notice, ask and respond...”taking a deliberate interest in the lives of strangers.”

He later says:  we still “feel deeply” – and are moved to the depths of our being –about a good many things; but how often are we moved this way by the plight of our neighbours?)

It caused me to think about my own life, and about those who are showing that they care about their neighbour and it is coming from a wholly unexpected corner of my life……  

As you know,  I have ended a position here, and God has not yet revealed where the next position will be….so I will be moving things into storage and embarking on homelessness. My neighbours here in the townhouses have heard about what is going on, and despite the fact that we haven’t had more than a nodding and waving acquaintance have started coming forth with all sorts of help. Boxes arrive mysteriously at my door. Offers to help move. Offers to take junk to the dump for for me.  It is humbling, that people whom I have barely said hello to in all these years have come so caringly to my assistance.
As I reflect on it… it seems to me that this caring is about hospitality and love….about making a person feel welcomed and cared for and cared about. It is about community and I have found it here among people I have not known but who are making a difference in my life. Miracles have come from the hearts of this townhouse community. I know that I am cared for.   And in that caring…. I see that God continues to care for me, even though most days I am not willing nor perhaps able to see it.  But when I open my eyes… I can see it in the kindness all around me.  

And that makes a big difference to me.  Thanks be to God.