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Well, here I am again.  It has been a long time of silence, as I have packed up my belongings and put them in storage and embarked on homelessness….although a friend says that as long as I have a bed and am a contributing member of a household I am not homeless.  This is a good place to be, and I am grateful for my temporary home.

Another thing that I am grateful for is the opportunity to continue to preach.  In July I have been asked to preach 3 times in various locations and will preach twice in August.  I love the experience of wrestling with God’s word and finding what it is that God wants to say to his people. 

Tomorrow we are looking at the healing of Namaan, who comes barrelling into Israel with all the power of the King of Aram behind him and attempts to use political clout to gain healing from leprosy.  What he learns from his encounter with the prophet Elisha is to be humble and to be obedient.  So letting go of pride and arrogance he does as the prophet tells him and bathes 7 times in the Jordan.  We too need to learn that same lesson of humbleness and obedience.  I know that I struggle with it, especially with trying to wrestle control away from God.  For this reason I pray for HUMBLENESS AND OBEDIENCE.

Heavenly Father, Holy God
Unto you is all honor and glory due
My soul is restless with out you
Before you I bow
Lead me into your presence
Encourage me to walk in your way
Nourish within me a willing and gentle heart that is turned toward you
Encourage me to be your servant
Send me forth to proclaim your goodness
Shower me with the joy of pursuing your will

 Again O God, show me your way
Never let me stray from your path
Direct my footsteps as you will

 Open my heart to hear your word
Bring me into your presence
Envelop me in your Spirit
Direct my thoughts and my will
Instill in me a pure heart
Evict from me the temptation to do it my way
Nudge me with your love onto the pathway of obedience
Cleanse me and make me new
Elicit from me the worship that is due to you, now and for ever.  Amen.