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Last Sunday I preached on the Lord’s prayer as an outline for prayer that is meant to teach us how to pray.  We begin by coming into God’s presence, move to praising him for his work among us, and then to giving him our allegience.  We ask to be filled with his word.  Once we have proclaimed that his will be done in us, we then ask forgiveness for when it has not been so and seek the grace to forgive others for when they haven’t treated us well.  More allegience, more praise, and more glory.

Doesn’t sound quite the same way in those words does it?  But that is the outline that the words of that prayer teach us.  I have found in my life that I am prone to the stealth bomber type of prayer.  I come.  State what I want and go.  It reminds me of a conversation with my four year old grandson…. which is really a monologue.  He says hello. Tells me about his day.  Says, goodbye I love you and throws an air-kiss and is gone.  

That’s okay in a four year old’s call to Grammie, but not okay for developing out relationship with God.  We need to spend time with God and acknowledge him as God.  We need to immerse ourselves in the great things he has done for us.  We need to vow to love and serve him.  We need to seek the infilling of his word. This is the only way that we can get to know him.

Next Sunday I am preaching on growing our relationship with God.  As I have been thinking about this, it seems to me that the answer lies in the Lord’s Prayer.  God.  Time with God.  Looking at God’s blessings.  Seeking God’s word.  Seeking to serve him.  Seeking forgiveness.  Sharing in the ministry of forgiveness.  Giving God glory.

This is more than just a prayer.  This is more than a tool that teaches us to pray.  This is about a way to live life in the presence of the Holy God.  

I hope that living my life in that way becomes so much a part of me that it is as automatic as breathing, although admittedly, I still have a long way to go.  But I do vow to keep at it.

Please join me in prayer as we seek to live in relationship with God.


Theos, Lord of Heaven, creator of the universe
Heaven cannot contain your glory, it spills over into the earth, and blesses your creation
Every knee shall bow and every voice proclaim that you are Lord

Loving Father, forgivins Son, empowering Spirit
Open my heart to do your will, to seek your word, and to live in your way
Recieve my praise and accept my outpouring of love
Delight me in your word.  Direct my thought.  Deliver me from the mistakes I make
Send me forth as your agent of mercy and grace.

Patient God, walk with me as I stumble.  Honour my attempts to serve  you and direct me into ever more faithful service
Regent of Heaven, your mercy floods my soul, and your love fills my heart
Again I vow to serve you, sharing your love with those whom I meet
Your goodness, your love, your peace and your strength are the gifts that in which the world rejoices
Everlasting is your kingdom
Revealing your goodness for evermore.  Amen