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I really love it when what I write causes someone to share things with me that take what I have written and expands it.  That happened to me recently with the musings that I posted on the Lord’s Prayer and how it influences not only our prayer life but also grows our relationship with God. 

Today I found an email from my friend Laura, who sent me a workshop she had prepared on prayer.  What really excited me in this workshop is the prayer outline based on the Lord’s Prayer that Laura compiled and adapted from the autobiography of Frances Ridley Havergal, “’Memorials of Frances Ridley Havergal”. 

This is what Laura wrote:  Havergal who wrote some of the hymns in our hymn book had a careful plan of prayer recorded in her Bible as follows: “I have greatly enjoyed the regular praying of the Lord’s Prayer and take a petition each morning in the week.  Intercession for others I generally make at evening.  I take the fruits of the Holy Spirit in the same way and find this helpful…”   

This is the prayer outline  Havergal kept in her Bible….


•             For the Holy Spirit

•             Perfect trust all day

•             Watchfulness

•             To be kept from sin

•             That I may please Him

•             Guidance, growth in grace

•             That He would use my mind, lips, pen, all

•             Blessing and guidance in each engagement and interview of the day



•             For forgiveness and cleansing

•             Mistakes overruled

•             Blessing on all said, written and done

•             For conformity to His will and Christ’s likeness

•             That His will may be done in me

•             For a holy night

•             Confession

•             For every one for whom I have been asked specially to pray




•             “Hallowed be Thy name.”

•             That I may make the most of Sabbath hours and gain much from the word.

•             Deliverance from wandering thoughts

•             Pure praise.

•             Blessing on services, preacher, musicians and choir.

•             Intercessions (initials of many clergymen, of her brother, her godchildren and “our servants”)


Monday (for joy and peace)

•             “Thy kingdom come”

•             That the life of Jesus may be manifest in me.

•             Intercession for the Church Missionary Society and Irish Society.

•             initials of her eldest sister, all her family and “Oakhampton servants”


Tuesday (for longsuffering)

•             Thy will be done”

•             That my unconscious influence may be all for Him.

•             Intercession for Mildmay

•             initials of her brother Henry’s children and many Leamington friends


Wednesday (gentleness)

•             For spirit of prayer and shadowless communion.

•             “Give us this day our daily bread”

•             Intercession for the universities and public schools, for many friends

•             initials of her sister and close friend


Thursday (goodness)

•             “Forgive us our trespasses”

•             For much fruit to His praise.

•             Soul winning.

•             Spirit of praise.

•             local work

•             Swansea and Mrs. M,

•             for my sister Ellen, for all at Winterdyne, and “the servants”


Friday (faith)

•             “lead us not into temptation.”

•             Wisdom to be shown more of His will and commands.

•             For my brother and all at U.B.


Saturday (meekness and temperance)

•             “deliver us from evil”

•             That the word of Christ may dwell in me richly

•             Open treasures of Thy word to me; fill my seed basket.

•             for the church of England and the Queen

•             (initials of many friends)


Laura also included her own intercessory outline.  I have removed the intercessions in each section that are specific to her current location and the congregation that she serves, and leave it to you to make this outline specific to your location and your life.


Those in authority

this list includes:  national government, provincial (state) and local governments and elected representatives

Schools, principals, teachers, PAC and students

This list includes all local schools, and community colleges and universities 

 Local Agencies and organizations helping people in need

This includes self help programmes, and agencies such as foodbanks, hospices etc.

Those who care for others

•             family doctors

•             medical specialists

•             nurses

•             care givers

•             physiotherapists

•             occupational therapists

•             pharmacists

•             dieticians

•             counsellors

•             home care attendants

•             police and victim services

•             firefighters

•             emergency response personnel

•             Search and Rescue

Hospitals and Long Term Care Homes (staff, patients and residents)

Local Churches

Local Christian Outreach Ministries

This list includes foodbanks, clothing banks, and other means of assistance

I plan to take this outline and adapt it for my own use.  I hope that it also inspires you to formulate a prayer outline that will assist you in growing your own prayer life.