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I confess that I haven’t been doing such a good job of keeping up with the Sunday acrostic prayers.  But it is good to see a rhythm developing in my new life situation and the practices from before the move are starting to come together again.

That being said, life is considerable altered.  Everything is more relaxed, I have time to do things that I haven’t done in a long time, and it feels very much like Elijah’s desert time, where spending time eating, sleeping, reading and praying are a part of the preparation for the journey that is ahead.

The whole point of desert time is, of course, to be gaining strength from God.  And I hope that is what I am doing.  I am enjoying what I am reading (both theologically and for pure pleasure).  Even better I am starting to recognize a sense of excitement and an abundance of ideas.  The past two sermons that I have written have spawned so many ideas for things that I want to write about that I am beginning to see in me that very growth that I preached about yesterday…. growth in my relationship with God.  That is cause for joy and gratitude.  

What has been a real pattern in my life is that ebb and flow in the growth I have known in the Lord.  None of us continues at a high level all the time.  Sometimes we get distracted by work, or worries, or other pursuits.  Sometimes we just get worn down.  But for me, at least, those times fall away and I again get a glimpse of who I am called to be in God.  And that gives me energy, and hope, and purpose, and joy…. and a whole host of other good things.  

So today, I want to celebrate the growth that has happened and seek the growth that God still plans for me, as I pray:  GROWING IN GOD

Great and Holy God, your love and kindness is a joy and a marvel to me
Raining upon me with blessings and renewing a sense of pupose
Opening my heart, freeing my spirit
Wending its way into my very soul
In you I know peace and comfort, joy and purpose
Nothing is hidden from you, and none of your goodness is denied to me
Great is your mercy, unlimited is your love.

Incarnate one, who bleed to make me whole
Nurture in me a desire to love as you love, and to serve as you serve.

Gladly do I lay my life before you
Only your way before my feet
Dancing for joy to be your child and your servant.