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This morning I lay in bed, trying to go back to sleep and finish a dream.  It just wan’t working however, and I felt a little frustrated, because I hate unfinished dreams.  I always want to know how things turned out.  When they are unfinished they feel unresolved.

Yet, unfinished is what life is all about.  I recently read the novel “the unfinished garden”.  Gardens, of course, are never finished, they constantly require weeding, overgrown plants need to be removed and new ones put in their place.  And so it goes year after year.

In the novel the garden was a metaphor for relationships, which are also unfinished.  We never know everything about another person and we are never finished working on our relationships, confessing and forgiving wrongs, healing hurts, discovering new joys.  Relationships worth having, also have that component of growth and change as we come to know one another more deeply and intimately.

That in itself is a good description of the life we have in God.  Day by day we come to know him more deeply.  We confess our sins.  We receive forgiveness.  We know his healing touch.  We discover new joys in our relationship.  

Because we value our relationship with God, we are willing to spend time getting to know his Word, telling him about our hopes and dreams, and seeking the treasures that he is laying at our feet.  At times it may be frustrating as we want more to be revealed.  At times it is difficult as the lessons of faith cause deep introspection.  Sometimes it is sheer joy as we learn to soar on the wings of the Spirit.  But whatever the state of our spiritual life, it is always unfinished.  We have not yet grown into the people that God knows we can be.

We are, all of us, a work in progress.  I like that.  I like knowing that there is more faith, more joy, more goodness, more service, more hope and more love that is yet to grow in me.  Who I will be waits to be revealed, and for now, the glimpses of that in my life point to a bright future that is safely held in God’s keeping.

The unfinished relationship…. the best of life and living.