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One of the things that I know, and often fail to remember is that God is with me in all circumstances.  When things get tough I forget that and feel abandoned.  When things get really good, I forget that as I take the blessings for granted.

It is good to be reminded, that our God is always with us.  It is even better to be reminded that our blessings are a gift from God.

You have witnessed my struggle in difficult days, aching to hang on to faith in God, searching for an answer to the loss of job and home that was coming.  It was hard to believe that God was with me….

Since I have entered unemployment, I have also entered a new blessedness.  The friend with whom I am staying and a mutual friend of both of us, have been so warm, welcoming, supportive, kind, and gracious that I actually feel spoiled.  More than that every where I have gone to preach as I have covered vacations the people have affirmed my gifts and that I am doing what I am called to do.  The blessings go on.  

Today I was reminded, in the most beautiful way that these blessings that overcome my circumstances come from God.  I opened a Bible program to look at the Scriptures for Sunday, and the verse of the day was from Psalm 42….. this is what it said….

Then God promises to love me all day, sing songs all through the night! My life is God’s prayer. MSG

my life is God’s prayer.  I am filled with God’s love.  I am comforted by the music of heaven and I am held in God’s prayer.  Maybe that’s why Scripture tells us that God knows our prayers before we utter them.  He is already holding those prayer needs for me.  THIS IS TRULY BLESSING WITHOUT END.