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Over the past few nights there has been a trailer for an episode of a  former show starring Charlie Sheen in which the brother exchange insults alphabetically.  The sheer sadness of that relationship is beyond comprehension.  What an unhappy life those characters must have.

But what really struck me was that this alphabetical exchange could be used in a wholesome, positive and affirming way.  It made me think of an encounter I had last Sunday where in the few moments of an exchange of a greeting I was complimented four times by the same person.  (There was a part of me that wanted to ask her to just follow me around for the day–but only the neurotic part of me.)  

So when I saw that same trailer again last night it reminded me about Sunday morning and how the layering on of positive and affirmative statements are good for building up a person’s spirits.  It would also be good for building up their leadership skills, their courage in difficult situations, their gifts for ministry, their desire to do the right thing….and so on and so on and so on.  

Giving compliments and affirming people takes so little effort on our part, but it can literally change a person’s day, and it is something that I think we need to do more of.  So I started thinking, what if, we all took a day and did the alphabet of compliments.  What would that mean to us, and to others.

so here is a list of alphabetical compliments which I am sure have been true of you at some time.

Your AFFIRMING nature encourages those who know you.

Your BOLDNESS in many situations show signs of COMMITMENT and DETERMINATION.

Your ENCOURAGING hearts lift spirits wherever you go.

Your FAITH is a source of inspiration for others.

Your GENEROSITY changes lives

Your HELPFULNESS makes lives better for others.

Your INSPIRING MESSAGES fill others with hope.

Your willingness to JOURNEY  with people in difficult times is a source of great comfort.

Your KINDNESS makes a great difference to those with empty hearts.

Your LOVING NATURE brings joy.

Your MATURE insights show solutions to many problems.

Your NURTURING  instincts make people feel safe around you.

Your OPEN HEART shows people the love of God.

Your PATIENCE shows that you have an understanding nature.

Your QUIETNESS, shares the peace of the Spirit.

Your RETICENCE means that you can be trusted to keep a confidence.

The goodness that you SHARE brings joy to the hearts of people.

You THINK about God in ways that make him seem more reachable to others.

Your UNLIMITED ENTHUSIASM makes tackling even the toughest problems manageable.

Your VALIANT EFFORTS make a big difference on the committees that you work with.

Your WILLING SPIRIT inspires confidence.

You are eXACTLY  the person for the job

Your YEARNING for God will be rewarded.

Your ZEAL for the gospel fills you with God-like graces.

Phew.  That was far more difficult than I anticipated.  But I am glad I tried this.  It will be a good reminder to me to take a more positive and affirming outlook on life and the good people that touch my life in so many ways.

To those of you whom I know personally thank you for being in my life.  You mean a lot to me.

To those of you whom I know only through this blog, the comments you have made on my thoughts have encouraged me and uplifted me, and the insights in your own writing have inspired me, made me laugh, and given me much to think about.

May an alphabet full of blessings come to you this day.