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The other day I met with my covenant group.  We get together once a month to pray, worship, look at Scripture and discuss a book we are reading.  This group is a place of deep blessing for me.

As a part of the check-in time I was telling of my frustration with changing computers, the things that no longer work, it has a dvd drive and all of my discs with books, programs etc are on a CD….arghhh.    But there were even more frustrating things, like the touch pad, which I would touch at wrong moments or in wrong ways and I would lose everything…and all that even though I was using a “normal” mouse.  

Then I had the brainwave to complain to my daughter about all of my frustrations.  You have no idea how many blog entries have been lost to the ether because of this, not to mention that I was having trouble loading books onto my electronic reader and on and on.  She said that she would speak to her husband and he would fix everything for me.  

They live in one province, I live in another….. so this is how that happened….

He phoned me and told me he was sending me a link and that I should download the program.  Then I needed to create a password and tell him the password.  He then downloaded the program and entered the password and voila he had control over my computer.  He fixed my issues.  Turned off the mouse pad.  Set up a new way of working in windows.  It was perfect.  Everything works beautifully.  And it would have gone much smoother if not for me.  You see I kept moving the mouse as I was looking at the things on the screen he was talking about.  Finally he said, “Quit moving the mouse, I can’t do anything if you move the mouse.”

There is, I think, a spiritual lesson in that.  How often do we give things over to God to take care of, fix, heal, direct, etc.  And how many times when we do so do we reach out and try to wrest the control back from God.

It would do me well to remember that when I pray and ask God to take care of things that I need to be “hands off” and leave it with him.  And God, with his hand on the “mouse” will fix, control, direct and guide.

The steps are simple.  Pray.  Let God in.  and then DON’T TOUCH.  

Simple.  But oh so difficult to do.  With grace may it be possible for me.