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I am preparing to preach on the letter to the Romans.  It will be a Sermon Series until Christmas in the congregation where I am currently filling in.  Those of you who have read this blog for a while know that I love the letter to the Romans and was as recently as a year or so ago so captured with a book of sermons on Romans that when I finished reading it, I started over again.


What I love about the Letter to the Romans is that it is just so down to earth in the way it expresses our pathway to growing Christ-like.  

In this letter Paul keeps returning to the subject of Christian formation, which begins with our dependence on Scripture.

As a Presbyterian I can really support this view point… after all sola Scriptura is what we espouse.

When Paul talks about the importance of Scripture he is clear that we are meant to submit to Scripture.  He goes so far as to say that we should be harnessed to Scripture.  


That immediately evoked this image of a horse harnessed to a cart to mind–that cart going wherever the horse is going.



 But as I reflected on this it came to mind that an image that is far more current and very vivid for us in this day is that of our smart phones.  We might as well admit that we can’t function without our phones. They every where with us.  They are always within reach.  Every time an alert dingles we check to see if we have a text, or an email or a new post on any of the social media sites we frequent.  It even fills those moments when we have little to do as we play any number of games to pass the time….

So I think that what Paul means is that we are to keep Scripture as close as our phones.  We are to check on it as often as we check our phones.  We are to speak what it reveals to us, just as we share the latest text message, or joke email.  We are to respond to it as immediately as we respond to the alert signal.  

Just think about it… a world in which every one walks around with a Bible in hand.
Just think about it…a world in which every one pauses in conversations to check what the Bible says.
Just think about it…a world in which the content of the Bible fills our every conversation.

What a difference from a smart phone dominated world…. and what a difference it would make in us…

Let us pray:


Spiriti of God, draw me into your revelation of the mystery of God in Scripture
Make my heart a place from which your Word flows O God
Alert me of the new things that you intend to reveal
Ring in my heart, so that I respond instantly
Text me with the good news that you want me to share with the world.

Bring me O God to your Book, your Word
Invite me to come into your saving knowledge
Bless me with the wisdom of your Spirit
Lead me on the paths of righteousness
Energize me in order that I may fulfill your will.  Amen