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Today I did something I have avoided doing for a long time.  I signed up as a follower on another blog.  It’s not that I don’t like some of the blogs I dip into… I do, a lot.  But some days just reading the blogs I do follow regularly is a challenge.   And if I haven’t checked my reader in a while maybe even a chore…. but today I was poking around in all the blogs on prayer and found the one called, http://drawingfromthewell.wordpress.com

It speaks to me for a couple of  reasons.   First of all its because of Thomas Green.  For years I have tried to read his books about drinking from a dry well.  I have written about this struggle before.  I know there is a message in them for me, but I never seem to go there…. so the title of this blog touched me in an area that I know I have some learning and growing to do…

Secondly and more importantly perhaps, it speaks to me because it reminded me that when we wait for God to answer prayer it is something that is worth the wait.  As someone who is in the I want an answer and I want it now mode, I need to hear that.  

So now I have another blog that I will check regularly and maybe the wisdom found in its pages will help me to walk with God in the silence of the wilderness, with faith instead of grumbling.  ….That is my goal, my hope and my prayer.