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A few weeks ago I downloaded a meditation app to my phone.  I have used it during the quiet spaces of many mornings ever since.  It helps me focus my breathing, and to concentrate on being present with God.

The app chimes at the transition moments in the prayer time.  I like that it moves me from the focus on breath and helps me stay deeper in the presence with God…much better than always peeking at my watch to see if time is up.

Today my friend’s dog was in the living room as I started to pray.  After the first minute the transition chime sounded.  And the dog started barking and ran to the door.  2 minutes later the phone chimed again and the poor dog went wild, barking at the door, running to me to come and see, barking some more.  It certainly broke my concentration.

“Silly dog,” I said, “That’s not the doorbell that’s my phone”, but he simply carried on as if he knew better than me what he had heard.

Finally I started to reflect on the message in his behavior.  He heard the chime, but he believed it to be the doorbell.  That begged the question how many times have I mistaken another voice as God’s.  How many times have I run after a voice that led me into something that God had not intended.

I meditate, so that I can learn to listen for God’s voice.  I don’t want to run off and follow other voices, I want to learn to trust that as I listen for God to speak that I will hear his voice clearly.


Today my prayer is simply this:

I come to you O Lord with an open heart.  Touch me and speak with clarity that I may know your voice, hear you speaking and follow you.  Amen.