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I am going to the dogs, literally.



I prayed, I talked it over with others, I consulted with the wife of the friend who asked this incredible favor of me, and then I said yes.






I said yes to spending almost 3 weeks in early December at the Lions Service Dog Training Centre when the whole world is going crazy getting ready for Christmas, and with special services for Christmas that I had already agreed to looming on my own to do list.  

And yet it was an easy decision to make, certainly easier than getting everything prepared in advance before I leave.

So starting Monday I will be out of touch for almost 3 weeks.  I will spend my days in classes with goodness knows how many dogs, helping my friend work with the dog assigned to him, reminding him to use the commands properly, bringing him back on task when he is overwhelmed, taking notes for him because this week he sprained his wrist.  (In other words being a nag and taskmaster, a job my daughter says is tailor made for me.)  …. and in the process I expect that I will learn a lot as well.

 I trust that God has some lessons for me in this time away as well. This is a rare privilege and an experience that I believe I will enjoy.  

Please keep me, my friend John and all the participants in the class in your prayers, and I’ll let you know about the lessons God taught when I get back. Much peace and many blessings as you yourselves prepare for Christmas and look to the coming of the Messiah in your lives.