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okay, so its more like high noon.  I am so far behind, that it might be wise to start again.


I was sick for Christmas, lost my voice during Christmas Day worship, and things progressively got worse from there.  Slept away most of the days between Christmas and New Years, and then dragged myself around for another week, doing much of nothing.  

Getting caught up on reading my favorite blogs showed me that, like me, most of you don’t like making New Year’s resolutions.  We make them with the best of intentions, but after a while they become a chore rather than a joyous choice.  So to discover that many of you have chosen to have a word for the year was something that intrigued me.

I tried so hard to think of a word, then a week ago I woke up with the word in my mind.  My word for the year is strength.


It makes so much sense.  I have been growing stronger in many ways since my health has returned, but I haven’t worked at it, just drifted along with the flow and enjoying the benefits…but now the time has come to embrace strength and grow in strength.

The morning I had that revelation I was reading the 10 commandments as presented in Deuteronomy.  Reading my new favorite translation, The Voice, put such a new perspective on the first commandment.  It was like God was saying, this is a choice to make, I chose you,  now it’s your turn to choose me.  As I meditated on those thoughts it dawned on me that it really was true that “the joy of the Lord is my strength.”

Continuing to meditate, strength kept coming up as a theme…. strength in my relationship with God,… strength in my relationships with friends, new, old and yet to be….. strength physically…..  strength emotionally… but all of it begins with my relationship with God.

So better late than not at all, I have found my word for the year.  I look forward to having a stronger hope, a stronger faith, a stronger love and I look forward to the opportunities for joyous service, faith, ministry and living that this strength will bring to me.  

Strong love and strong peace to you all.  Oh yeah, and happy new year.