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My three year old grandson and I daily engage in what can only be called ACTIVE CUDDLING.  This is how it works…
He climbs on the footstool and either stands on my legs or on a good day between my legs.
     he LAUNCHES himself at me.
         he insists I put my book down and my glasses back on.
            he flings his arms around my neck and bangs his head into my shoulder
               he turns his head and juts his chin into my collarbone
                   he bangs his forehead against mine and bestows a bunch of sloppy kisses
THEN he stands on my legs and flips himself around and lands with his back to my chest and bangs his head onto my shoulder
    he squirms and wiggles for a while until he moves down my body
         he flings his head back and bangs my on the chest
THEN he digs an elbow into my side and flips over and cuddles like a baby
     when he decides that is “silly” he digs a heel into my other side and turns himself sideways into my body
          he nestles his head into my shoulder and gazes adoringly at me
The we start all over again with the cuddling and head banging of position one….
Yesterday as we were back into the face-forward, headbanging and kissing phase when he sat back and with a long look, said, “I LOVE YOU A BILLION”.   I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a long hug and reflected on the depth of love we  have for one another.  Sure makes all the cuddling bruises worthwhile.
Throughout the day I reflected on the ways in which we demonstrate our affection with God, especially during the times we spend in prayer. 
We come bursting into his presence and declare that we love him and think he is wonderful….
Then begin the pokes and jabs…
    You still haven’t answered my prayer about the direction of my life
        Take care of the family of the man killed in the accident yesterday
           Alleviate the plight of the children forced into becoming soldiers
                Heal the land from the latest earthquake, volcano, flood, hurricane
                    Stop the snow and the cold and bring back spring
                      Bless the….do this… remember this
And I know that all those things are important for us to pray about, but it made me wonder, how often do we come into God’s presence and simply sit there, basking in the peace and the joy and say to him, “I LOVE YOU A BILLION”.  More importantly how often do we remain peacefully, quietly, calmly in his presence until we can hear him say, “I LOVE YOU WITH THE STRENGTH OF ETERNITY”.  
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