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These past years have seen so many changes.  The losses have felt overwhelming at times.  The joys have seemed out of reach.  Hanging in with faith has seemed like a chore.  This last round of changes have had a different feeling, like something positive is happening.  The changes are bringing new into my life instead of taking things out of my life….

I have recently finished reading Joshua, and as the people stood affirming again their devotion to God and their desire to serve him, there is the reminder that everything God has promised them had come to pass, from the journey out of Egypt to the settlement in the land that God had given them.

As I reflected on the affirmation that God always keeps all of his promises I thought back over the last month.

It began with a trip, back to the place where I used to live.  I was there to pick up my car and to take care of some very important matters.  It was good to get those chores done and out of the way.  And in the doing the start of the promise that God cares for our needs.

While there I connected with some of the friends I wanted to see, and that was so encouraging and uplifting.  

While there I was encouraged spiritually by some new challenges on learning to listen to the Holy Spirit and a new meditative practice.  It seemed as if I actually felt my spirit soar….

…and that was a good thing because the next day  reality met a huge road bump… I needed to replace my entire exhaust system.  My mechanic special ordered the parts I needed and volunteered to work overtime the next day in order to complete the work so that I could start my journey to my new home.

That journey was one of the nicest road trips I have ever taken.  My mom came with me and was good company, helping me to navigate and just generally sharing stories, and talking about our lives.  One highlight for us was a stop where we had dinner with a cousin of mine we haven’t seen in many long years.  Who knew one simple meal could take four hours.  What a joy and a treat.  The sheer pleasure of that stop stayed with us for some long days on the road.  Family, and times to get together to reflect, to laugh, to cry are important parts of the plan God has for our lives, and a special part of the way in which he keeps his promises.

Another bonus was the sheer beauty of the Canadian landscape.  Even still clothed in winter garb, the frozen lakes showed the promise and glory of creation.  Even the long flat land, made dreary by the rain, showed signs of the promise of spring which was actually coming, a reminder that God keeps his promises.

Our final day on the road included lunch with a friend of mine, who showed such love and caring and a desire to work to make my life better.  Such a reminder that God keeps his promises in the people he sends to care for us. 

It was nice to get back home, with my daughter and her family, to be greeted by the boys with joy and love.  And such a bonus, my son-in-law cleared out the garage so that I could park there too.  Such an unexpected gift and a reminder that love overflows in my life.

Then this past week I had the urge to apply for a position that is a 5 minute commute from where I am living…. and I GOT THE JOB.  I start tomorrow.  It won’t pay enough for me to move into my own home, but it will pay enough for me to take care of my current needs.  And that is after all God’s greatest promise, that our needs will be met.

Every where I look I see God’s hand.  My life is showing the sighs of how God’s hand is (and always has been) caring for me.  This is the affirmation that hanging in with faith has its rewards deeply rooted in the love of God.

And that love, was so apparent when I took a journey to worship in a congregation I had been wanting to get to for a while.  I was greeted and hugged by so many people that I knew from my previous committee work.  I spent hours talking with one friend after another.  God’s love expressed through others…. a promise kept, not only that day, but all the days of my life.

From here I will learn to do my best at this new job and wait with open eyes and an expectant heart as God’s promises continue to unfold in my life…. Life is good.