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Tomorrow I am preaching for the second Sunday in a row.  Since the fall I have normally been preaching once a month and really enjoy it.  This month I am thrilled to preach twice in a row.  Next month I already have one preaching date booked.  I pray that I will find more times and dates to preach, because it is the one thing that I miss most from the ministry work that I used to do.  Wrestling with the Word of God and trying to discern what the Spirit is asking me to say to God’s people is a big part of my own spirituality and of my growth as a child of God.  I truly appreciate the joyous opportunities to preach whenever they come my way.

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Tomorrow I am preaching on the baptism, testing and call of Jesus as it is portrayed in Mark’s Gospel.  What strikes me from Mark’s account is that it all happens so fast.  There is a breathlessness to the speed in which Jesus moves from water to wilderness to witness.  In that speedy rendition Mark conveys not only the importance of the call to bring God’s good news into the world, but also the urgency of responding to that calling, while we still can.

So today I pray that my own life will reflect that urgency to share God’s grace in all that I do.


Unveil for me your purpose
Reveal the time and place where I am called to make your Word known
Guide my thoughts and direct my heart, even as you open my ears to hear you speak
Enter my spirit and fill it with the willingness to serve you as I ought
Nurture within me the gifts ot ministry that will change the world
Teach me to know your heart and your will.

Make your love known in me
Insist on my obedience
Never let me stray from your purpose
Instill within me the grace to be your servant
Speak to me in the silence of my soul
Teach me to listen for your voice
Reach within me to bring out all that I have to offer you
You, O God, have called me and I will love you and serve you all the days of my life.  Amen