This Sunday I am preaching on Isaiah and Mark, talking about he blessing of being a servant…. despite the outward appearance that being a servant is a difficult and dangerous task.  Through the difficulties we learn to trust that God is keeping his promiese and that his blessing is always upon us.  What follows is the Acrostic Prayer I wrote for the end of the sermon.  Please pray with me.

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Servant Blessing

Servants O Lord, have a difficult burden
ach of us knows that you have called us to be servants
Reaching out into your world to bless with the gifts of grace
Vital mission happens only when we submit ourselves to you in obedience
Although, we confess that the burden of a servant calling often seems too heavy for us to carry
Now and again, more often than we care to acknowledge, we run from the difficulties that come with this calling
Teach us, O Lord, that the pathway of obedience, even with its difficulties, is for us the pathway of blessing.

Burden carrier, teach us to trust that you will carry the burdens that cause us to stumble on the way
Lord and Master teach us to be obedient in all that you ask us to do
Everlasting Father, teach us to trust that you are walking with us every step of the way
Servant Jesus, help us to remember that you too have walked the pathway of a servant
Spirit of Power, fill us with your wisdom and encourage us until we trust in your leading and your guidance
Instil in us the courage to be servants
Never leave us to work and serve alone
Grant us the confidence to journey in complete faithfulness.
In Jesus name we pray:  Amen