I woke up humming a tune, and the words that ran through my head were, “the God whom we both love and crave”.  I knew those were not the correct words, but those words stayed with me.  After a time I gave up trying to find the right words and simply started reflecting on the words that kept running through my mind.

The God whom we both love and crave.

  Cake, Chocolate, Sweet, Suites, FoodCravings I understand.  There are those days when I must have chocolate.  The days when I need something salty.  The other day I craved Greek food and bought all that I needed to make a feast.  I had enough souvlaki for 2 days and enough salad for a third day.

Cravings once recognized do not go away.  They are something that we can become fixated on.  Even when we try to ignore them, or substitute something else, the craving remains.  The desire can be so strong that it is overwhelming.

All those thoughts about cravings and how strong they are, caused me to think about what happens when we crave God above all else.  What happens when the craving to be in God’s presence is so overwhelming that we simply (or metaphorically) fall to our knees in worship and praise?  What happens when the desire to be with God is so strong that we shut the world out for a time and simply bask in his presence?  Prayer, Cruz, Evangelism, Christ, Jesus

We often say that our cravings are a matter of something that is essential for life, like breathing, or water.  Yet I don’t know that I have ever thought about a craving for God as an essential for life.  And yet I know that it is true.  Time spent with God nurturing our relationship, growing in grace, learning to trust, hearing God’s call are essential for life.  Essential for living authentically and faithfully.  Essential for becoming all that we were created to be.  Craving time with God is essential for us in order to live fully.

God, Heart, Love, Religion, Christianity

I am not sure that I have finished thinking through all the implications of this wondrous revelation, but this I do know.  I love God and I desire to be his child.  If that is the beginning of craving time to spend with God, well then bring it on.

Images courtesy of Pixaby.com