Christian, Christianity, ReligionOne thing that I try to do in the morning is to pray that God will use me as a servant through whom he blesses.  Most days I don’t think about that prayer again during the unfolding of the day.

But today as I was driving home from worship I found myself thinking, “wow, God used me to be a blessing today.”  and then I realized that that was exactly what I had prayed for.  To be a servant through whom God blesses.  I enjoyed the joyous laughter that bubbled up through me, as I realized once again that God does indeed answer prayer.

As you may recall these past few years I have been struggling with the unanswered prayers in my life, especially when it comes to finding meaningful work, and being able to move into my own home again.  Having that work is the first step to having the rest and so it is often frustrating to me to not have an answer to these prayers these past years.  So to be so joyfully aware of an answered prayer was for me a profound moment.

Christian, Christianity, ReligionWhat was it about this day that made it possible for God to use me as a blessing?  I don’t know for sure, but the Holy Spirit moved through today’s sermon, touching people in a variety of ways..  Numerous people commented to me about how much the sermon inspired them, or how the worship service blessed them.  I spoke with people afterward about their own growing need for a deeper spirituality…

That need for a deeper spirituality in my own life was something that I spoke of.  It is clear that this is a universal need as it certainly struck a chord in many hearts.  When I started to preach on Romans 2 I didn’t expect it to take the turn it did, but when you choose to preach about the word of God being written on the hearts of God’s people, I guess you have to step back and allow the Holy Spirit to make the message his own.  Thankfully I got out of the way of what the Holy Spirit was doing.

Holzfigur, Stones, Life StruggleAs always, I am grateful that when I preach God gets involved to take my words and infuse then with power.  I am humbled to know that my stories of my own struggles to give my heart over to God has helped people speak of their own struggles in their spiritual lives.

Today, I was a servant through whom God was able to bless others.  For that I am grateful and I pray that it will be possible for that to happen more often.

God, Heart, Love, Religion, ChristianityToday’s prayer:  WRITTEN ON THE HEART

We are a people who are called to worship you in Spirit and in truth
Realizing that and living that is the thing with which we constantly struggle
Intentions are there, but practice often is fleeting
Teach us O God to listen for your Spirit speaking quietly in our hearts
Train us to pause and to listen for your leading
Engage our entire being in the calling to be a servant
Now and forevermore

Open now our hearts
Nurture in us the awareness that we live in your grace

Tenderly bring your word into our hearts
Heal us from our desires to stray from your path
Encourage us as we undertake living our faith

Hearts wide open to you
Ears inclined to your voice
And spirits listening to your Spirit’s calling
Recalling  that you have written your word on our hearts
Today we offer ourselves as your people who walk in your way.  Amen