Worship, Praise, Singer, Black, AfricaToday I worshiped with the Anyuak community again.  I preached and was translated and this time the rhythm was so much better.  I am glad to know that I am making my way up the learning curve.

Again I was struck by how blessed I was even though I had no idea what was being said most of the time.

But what struck me more forcibly was that I found myself relaxing into that worship service in the same way that I have learned to relax into silent prayer.  Now in the interests of full disclosure, I am not consistent in the practice of silence, nor have I done it for a long time.  (The last time I sat with my meditation timer my grandsons kept coming to see what that noise was, so I sort of let that practice slip.)  But the skills were still there.

Silence, Emptiness, Zen, Void, QuestionI still went through the usual battles of distraction.  Wondering about this.  Planning what to do about that…But when I freed my mind, relaxed and allowed the words to flow over me, I felt like I do when I enter the silence with God.  Relaxed. Calm.  At peace.  Open to the possibilities.

I was reminded that time spent in silence with God, allowing the Holy Spirit to move at will is a vital time for all of us.  While I am not be able to sit with my meditation timer while the boys are around, I can when worshiping with this marvelous community, reap the benefits of silence, as well as the joy of clapping and swaying and appreciating the energy of the music.

I am so blessed tonight, and all because I simply relaxed into grace.

Today’s prayer:

Away From It All, Find Silence, RomanceRELAXING INTO GRACE

Redeemer, your love for me is evident
Envigorating my soul
Leading me into greater confidence in you
A sense of calm and peace adn purpose fills me
eXpunging my doubts and filling me with grace
I relax into your goodness and trust in your leading
Nothing can separate me from your love
Gracious God, you are my all in all

Instil in me a greater desire to kneel at your feet
Nurture the peace and assurnce that draws me to your throne
Teach me how to reach out to you, even in the busyness of life
Open to me the floodgates of your grace.

God of the ages
Rock of salvation
Anointer of great gifts
Cause me to praise you every day
Eternally and evermore.  Amen