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ast week in worship we focused on grace.  We are still working our way through the letter to the Romans, and grace, faith, service, and Jesus are going to be recurring themes for us in the year to come.  Last week I started by quoting the hymn, Come thou fount of every blessing, and reflecting on the sentiment expressed in they hymn about being constrained to be a debtor to grace.

That almost seems like an oxymoron.  How can we be in debt to that which is free?  And yet we do owe everything to grace, don’t we?  Salvation.  Love.  Hope.  Faith.  Purpose.  Calling.  And the list goes on.  If it were not for the grace of God we would have none of those things.  So yes in a way we are debtors.

Image result for debtors to graceBut not debtors in the sense of we owe God.  We owe God nothing.  We respond to the debt of grace with love and gratitude, but we would still get that grace if we did nothing at all.

For me what I like most about grace is that it is so effortless.  My response to it flows from the passion that I have for God’s world and God’s people.  I believe that my grateful response to grace is to share grace.  I preach.  I teach.  I serve in various ways.  None of what I do feels like a burden…Okay maybe committee work sometimes!   But when I am immersed in the grace of God I see what I do as an extension of that grace–a joy and a privilege.

Image result for living graceBeing in debt to grace means living grace.  Being in debt to grace means sharing grace.  Being in debt to grace means having grace flow in me and through me.  Effortless, joyous, and a privilege.


Today’s prayer:


Day by day I turn to you with praise and gratitude
Even when I am overwhelmed and complaining I know your love
By the inflling of your Spirit I am called
Today, tomorrow, for all eternity I pledge myself to you
Open my heart to share your goodness with all whom I meet
Remind me daily to live in you and for you.

To you I give my all
Overflowing with your love I go forth

Great and gloriouos God
Redemption is mine to hold or to share
Alive in you I go forth to share
Cleanse me daily from my sins
Engage me in bringing grace into the world.