Cornucopia, Thanksgiving

image courtesy of Pixaby

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Sunday here in Canada.

We had our dinner on Saturday because I had a long day of worship services on Sunday, and am working at “the store” this evening.  The feast was wonderful, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, vegetables and an amazing gluten free pumpkin chocolate square made by my daughter.  Family time like that is a great reminder of how very blessed we are.

Yesterday I preached on the passage from Jeremiah where he advises the exiles in Babylon to settle down, build houses, marry and have children because they are going to be there for a long time.  I nearly didn’t use that passage thinking that there had to be something more “thanksgiving-ish”.  Then it dawned on me that we are not thankful for the circumstances in our lives, but in spite of them.  What we really are thankful for is that God is in our lives.

Keep Hands, Heart, Heartbeat, Live

image courtesy of Pixaby


It is God that walks with us through the difficult days.  It is God who gives us strength for the journey.  It is God who blesses us in countless ways, even when to our eyes he seems absent.

So the refrain that I kept coming back to in the sermon, was a simple statement of fact and faith.  God is with us.

God is with us.  That is why we are thankful.  Let’s pray together.


Gracious God, donor of our days, we thank you.
Open our eyes to see that you are working for our good
Deepen within us a sense of trust that your way is the best way

In our lives there are many challenges
Seeing you in those challenges is a sign of our faith

We resolve to walk in confidence for you are with us
Intent on your will we turn  our lives to you
Trust and faith will be the rock upon which we build our patient hope
Hope that is placed in you, and that will never fail

Until we realize that we live in the fullness of your blessing
Spirit, Son, Father we thank you and we adore you.  Amen.