In anticipation of Remembrance Day tomorrow, I am reposting this blog with my heartfelt thanks for all those who served for the cause of peace and justice. God bless you all.

Trying to pray

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Tomorrow marks a day of Remembrance.  In worship services in churches and at cenotaphs we will gather to remember those who have fought for and won the freedoms that we enjoy and all too often take for granted.  Those who have fought have done so at a great personal cost, and all have returned from war forever altered in body, mind, or spirit.

On this day I think of those who have given so much for the freedom and the rights of others.  Those who worked in underground organizations, those who fought on the front lines, those who endured destruction, devastation and horror all around them.  We can never know what this has cost them.

On Remembrance Day I often think of Don.  Don was a WW II veteran, who was stationed mainly in Belgium.  Whenever he spoke of the war years he told stories about the wonderful…

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