There is so much happening in the congregation where I am working as interim moderator.  What an exciting place.  Whomever it is that will be called as the permanent minister will be very blessed indeed.

A few weeks ago we dedicated a baby, baptized another baby and received four adults into the membership of the church.  Yesterdaythe Sunday School made a presentation of the money they have gathered as their contribution to the greater mission of the church.  And also yesterday four more people expressed their interest in becoming members of the congregation, and a member who is a student at a Bible College participated by leading the congregation in prayer.

We are preparing now for all the activities of Advent.  A mitten tree.  White gift Sunday.  The children’s Christmas pageant.

In January we will baptize another baby and in January we will undertake a 3 week workshop looking at the nature of the church and how God is calling us to be the church for the future generations.

This is an exciting place in which to be engaging in ministry.

With my heart full of this joy and in the expectation that the coming events will reflect the joy and purpose of the congregation I prepared a devotional aid for Advent and Christmas. It will be included as an insert next Sunday, Christ the King and again on the first Sunday of Advent.  I hope that it will help all of us to keep our focus on Jesus and all that he came to do and all that he calls forth from us.

I am including it here, so that if you are feeling called to walk this path of preparation you too may use this as a spiritual tool this Advent and Christmas.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Isaiah 2: 1-5

How are you living in the light of God?


Psalm 122

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the whole world


Romans 13: 11-14

Spend the day noticing what God is doing


Matt 24: 36-44

Be vigilant for opportunities to serve God today


Isaiah 64: 1-9

Offer yourself to God as clay to be shaped in his image


1 Cor 1: 3-9

How can you use God’s gifts for the Spiritual Journey today?



Mark 13 24-37

Meditate on waiting to see the Promised One


Isaiah 11 1-10

Pray for the coming of God’s peace on earth


Psalm 72 1-19

Stand up for the cause of the poor and help the children of the needy


Romans 15: 4-13

Reach out and welcome others to God’s glory


Matt 3: 1-12

List how your life shows that God’s kingdom is here



Isaiah 40: 1-11

Sing the hymn, Go tell it on the mountain


2 Peter 3: 8-15

Renew your commitment to Holy Living


Psalm 85: 1-13

Pray in Confession and make a fresh start in a holy life




Isaiah 35: 1-10

Praise God for walking with you on the highway of Life



Psalm 146: 5-10

Join God in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and freeing the prisoners


Luke 1: 46-55

Praise God for his mercy flowing through your life


James 5: 7-10

Praise God for those who mentored you in your faith


Psalm 126

Pray for God to water the dry places in your faith


1 Thess 5; 16-24

Pray for God’s Spirit to be active in all you do


Isaiah 61: 1-11

Be filled with joy and announce God’s grace to others




Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Isaiah 7: 10-16

How is Jesus, Emmanuel, God with you



Psalm  80: 1-19

Pray for God’s blessing and salvation to fall on all people of earth



Romans 1: 1-7

Claim who you are through the gift and calling of Christ Jesus



Matt 1: 18-25

Confess how you try to wiggle out of what God is calling you to do.  Turn your will to God’s


Psalm 89: 1-37

Praise God for all the glories of his creation



Romans 16: 25-27

Pray that all nations of the world will know the grace of God’s love



Luke 1: 26 -38

Praise God that nothing is impossible for him



Isaiah 9: 2-7

Praise God for the gift of Jesus and pray that he will take charge of the world and convert it to his will



Luke 2: 1-4

Imagine the wonder of the shepherds.  How would you feel at seeing and hearing a choir of angels?



Luke 2: 15-20

Join the shepherds in proclaiming the good news that Jesus is born and our salvation is at hand.


Luke 2: 41-50

How are you called to be about doing the “will of the Father”?


Colossians 3: 12-17

Let everything in your life be done in the name of Jesus, and rejoice and give thanks.


Ecclesiastes 3:1-13

On the eve of the New Year, thank God for all the seasons of the year past and his faithfulness in it.


Matthew 25: 31 -46

Pray that in this New Year you will “do unto the least of these” just as Jesus does

May you all be blessed beyond all knowing as you prepare for the coming of the Messiah.