My grandsons watch a show that is making me think about the church and how we are called to work together.  The show is called Animal Mechanicals, and the premise is very simple.

Each mechanical animal has a different talent that is needed to help the team solve the problem for the tasks they are sent out to do.

Support, Comic, Fig, Man, MechanicWhen they get to the place they have been sent, they work together to asses the situation and determine what needs to be done.  Invariably one of them says,  “we need someone who is tall” or “fast” or “strong” and then they identify the mechanical that has that particular talent. And then that animal fixes the problem.  Sometimes a situation requires the talents of more than one of the mechanicals.

Then, when the problem is fixed and everything is working smoothly, they all celebrate.

What a model for the church!

To be effective as the church we all need to work together.  We need to be supportive of one another, knowing each other well enough to be able to identify each other’s gifts and to say to the other person….

your gift of prayer will be very helpful here|
I think your compassion will be important in this situation
If you use your gift of exhortation I think you can stir these people up
Your passion for justice will be needed today

Or we can see how to work as a team:
Will you help me by by praying as I go to help the homeless?
Will you come with me and speak with this family, your way with words makes things very clear.

Team, Teamwork, Business, Annual ReportYou can see how this model will make the church strong, effective and relevant.  You can see how this will please God, who has always intended that we use our gifts to build one another up and to reach out into the world.

I can see how this kind of teamwork will empower us with the infilling of the Spirit as we go forth together in Christ.

And then, when the task is completed we need to be very particular about the final stage.  We need to celebrate.  

Too often, we take the work of the church for granted.  We forget to say thank you to those who work alongside us.  We forget to celebrate the unique contribution of each individual.

Let us work together, and more importantly let us celebrate together.  We have a lot to offer, but sometimes the work of the church can feel like a burden.  What keeps us going is the encouragement,the kind words, the expression of thanks and especially those parties where we celebrate the great things we have done in the service of God.

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Today we pray for TEAM and especially those teams who PARTY to celebrate the work God has given them



This day O God we affirm that we are the church, called to work together at your bidding
Enter each of our hearts with the desire to serve alongside the whole church
Anchor us in our love for you and our love for your world
Make us one as you and Jesus and the Spirit are one.

Praises be to you and to all who labour in your Kingdom
Applaud our efforts, even as we applaude the efforts of others
Renew our energy to give and to serve
Teach us to take pride in what we have accomplished together
Yesterday, today, tomorrow we are yours.  Amen