I have been rereading my old posts and am feeling inspired to try and become more regular about posting.  Also feeling a little pushed by Holy Spirit, and since this weekend is Pentecost…

Life is good.   I am happy.  Still watching and waiting and looking for what God is calling me to.  But am happy.

Waiting is such a strong Biblical theme.  It seems whenever God asks anything from his people or makes a promise to them there is waiting involved.

Pentecost is no exception.  After the Ascension the disciples are instructed to wait.  What seems to be important is that waiting time isn’t passive downtime.  Waiting time is when we are actively keeping our eyes on God and our ears open to hearing God speak.  Waiting for God is a very different thing.

Males, Wait, Sit, Plant, Waiting RoomWhen we wait for our doctor we flip through magazines.  I flip back to front, until I find something that interests me.  Traffic means waiting, waiting for the light, waiting for the lane to clear, waiting to get past the construction site.  In each of these instances the waiting can be a tedious interlude, a boring inconvenience and even a frustrating and exasperating experience.  It can be a time of passivity or it can be a time when we find creative ways to occupy our time.  It is what we make of it.

Waiting for God is also what we make of it.  We can turn it into a time of despair and fear.  We can turn it into a time of trust.  We can use the time to learn more about God.  We can help others who are also waiting on God.

While the call to wait is necessary, the call to do nothing is a temptation that we should not yield to.  Waiting is not passive; waiting, especially waiting on God is a time of hope and expectation, a time of prayer.

When God asks his people to wait, what he means is wait for him to speak and direct us.  What we wait for is the Holy Spirit.  The way that God speaks and directs his church is from the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Image result for pentecost So we wait, in faith and hope and the expectation that God’s word will be fulfilled, in God’s time.



Let us pray:


Where are you God?
Are you listing?
I am having trouble hearing you.
Teach me to be patient
Invite me into your presence, for rest, for peace, and for encouragement
Near to you is where I long to be
Grant me the courage, the wisdom to wait for your revealing.

Free me from self doubt
Open my heart and my will to your leading
Reveal yourself to my innermost being.

Grace flows to me from your bounty
Old things are swept away
Desire to be your child grows.  Thank you.  Amen