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We began the Space for God study on Wednesday, by talking about how we make space for God in our lives.  I am really looking forward to the upcoming weeks, because I think that I can learn a lot from the people in the study with me.  I suspect that as the weeks unfold the wisdom shared will be very valuable.

The study has been designed that every week we will have the opportunity to create space in our lives for God.  What will be consistent in the series is the first take home task.

Spend a minimum of 5 minutes with God daily.
Then spend 2 min in silent prayer.

As the weeks progress we will be adding to this list, different things every week as we have a chance to explore different ways of spending time with God.


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I will be using this blog as my method of keeping a journal.  So that’s good for me, because I haven’t been giving as much attention to blogging in the past few years, and I know my commitment to prayer has diminished as a result.


So, how am I doing with this challenge?  The first part was easy.  I have an app on my phone that reminds me to read Scripture, The Bible in a Year is a part of that app.  It includes two chapters of the Old Testament and one chapter of the New Testament.  It takes about 10 minutes every morning, and because the reminder comes within seconds of my alarm ringing I usually read and prayer before I get up.

I have found however that I really need to get up now, because of the risk of falling back asleep in the silence.


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How is the silence going?  I am finding that I am having a lot of trouble being distracted by all manner of things.  Sermon prep thoughts.  Shopping lists.  And so much more.  Having pretty much stopped the discipline of silence these past years it is like I am relearning it.  So distracted is a challenge.  Today I found myself so distracted that I actually redid the 2 minutes and found the second time through worked much better.  I have also learned that my usual breath word isn’t the one I am meant to be using.  The word that keeps intruding is OPENNESS. So now I am working with that word and it seems right.

As I work with the congregation and talk with them about congregational change I keep hoping that the people will be open to the many things we are exploring or will explore in this process.   So it makes sense that I should be open as well.  After all, if we are to fully embrace everything the Spirit is calling forth from us we must, all of us, be open to the leading of the Spirit.

So my prayer, coming out of this commitment to spend time with God is that I will be open:  open to God, open to the other people in the study group, open to the possibilities, open to change, open to the power of the Spirit.

Let us pray:


Omnipotent God, you know what I need better than I,
Point me in the direction you desire me to travel
Exterminate in me the desire to do it “my way”
Nurture in me the desire to walk with you and learn from you
Nudge me in the direction that will lead to growing in your will and way
Enlist me in your service
Show me the way to be open to your leading
Shelter me with your Spirit and keep me strong.  Amen