Last night we had the second session of the Space for God Study.  It was awesome and amazing and I learned so much.  The struggle for silence seems to be universal, although some people have found it to be a great antidote for sleeplessness in the middle of the night.  Isn’t God amazing?

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So after the great experience last night, I got up this morning eager to get going.  Having learned that if I don’t get up, the silence after the readings will, yes, put me to sleep, I have been getting up in order to do all of it together.

My normal morning routine is to get the coffee pot ready, put the kettle on, and get the oatmeal cooking.  Then in the 25 minutes it takes to cook the oats, I do other things:  start laundry, empty the dishwasher, move the recycling off the Island to the front closet–what ever needs doing.

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This morning, without even thinking about what COULD happen, I moved to the living room to start my devotional time.  I read the Scripture Lessons for today, and pondered them for a while.  Then I started the timer and entered the time of silence….. 4 seconds later–yep, you guessed it, the timer on the stove announced that the oatmeal was ready.  Turned off the meditation timer with 1 minute and 56 seconds left to go and answered the call of the stove.  Clearly multi-tasking and the practice of Spiritual Disciplines are not meant to go together. 


Frankly God deserves better.  The theme this week is, “I belong to God” and considering all that God has given and is doing on my behalf, he deserves much better than to be an “add on” to my morning routine.  He deserves my undivided attention.  He deserves me to be relaxed, eager, and focused on the time we spend together.

So with that in mind, I need a new morning routine.  God and prayer first or breakfast first.  But if God is first then at the end of that time, will be a 25 minute wait for porridge and coffee….



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Okay,  breakfast first, and then undivided focused time for God.



Let’s Pray


Majestic, Wonderful, Gracious God, source of my being
Understanding now that you deserve my undivided attention
Loving you enough to know that you are deserving of my entire focus
Taking time to spend with you and you alone
Invite me once again, into your presence and encourage me to stay with you
Til with deep sighs and Spirit filled insights we have grown closer
Aligning me with your will and your desires for me and my world
Single-minded devotion being the gift that I lay before you
King of my soul
In utter devotion all that I am
Not just for now, but for all eternight
Giving you what you have always given me:  Deep Love.  Amen