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Today in worship we looked at the gospel of John, where the disciples go fishing and then Jesus calls Peter out to a particular ministry.  The key thing, for all of us as we recognize, accept and fulfill our own calling is the answer to the question that Jesus asks Peter.


Do you love me more than these?


More than what?


More than whatever it is you are currently placing first in your life.  For Peter at that time it was fishing, maybe even the guilt of the times he denied Jesus.  For some of us it is the things we can’t let go of… the grudges we nurse against those who have hurt us, the television shows that take up too many hours of our day, the little somethin’ somethin’ before we go to bed… you know what it is for you, and I know what it is for me.

Time for me to take seriously what I said in the sermon today….




It is time to take a little walk with Jesus and answer the question…. “Ena, do you love me more than these?”




In the far reaches of my heart, O God, I ponder your calling

Love for you flows into me, but do I give love to you in equal measure?
Only you know the depth of my love, “Lord you know I love you.”
Visit me with your Spirit, flood my spirit with your grace, and call me forth
Encourage me into living what I preach, in serving you with a full measure of your love.

You know me Lord, you know I love you, Help my unlovingness
Open my heart to be more like yours
Until I soar with faith, dance with joy, and serve with deep compassion.

Lift me up Lord, lift me up and fill me with a servan’ts heart
Occupy my being with your Spirit
Redirect my footsteps as I take a little walk with Jesus
Direct me in your service.  Amen.